Leading Sectors of Izmir



  • Export of Turkey in 2019: 30.6 billion USD
  • Export of İzmir in 2019: 648 million USD, which accounts for 2, 1% of the export of Turkey in the sector. 
  • The automotive industry is one of the notable sectors of Turkey in terms of its share among other branches of industry, export volume, the contribution of net foreign exchange inflow to the economy, employment capacity, competitiveness, and investments.


  • Export of Turkey in 2019: 20,5 billion USD
  • Export of Izmir in 2019: 1,5 billion USD, which accounts for 7,5 % of the export of Turkey in the sector. 
  • Petrochemical sector of Izmir is capital and technology-intensive, and large scale with thousands of raw materials production.
  • Our city hosts Petkim SOCAR and Tüpraş Refineries. A new complex is envisaged to be established with the cooperation of Turkey SOCAR and BP in 2023.


Textiles / Clothing

  • In 2019, Izmir’s textile products export is worth 1.6 billion dollars. This volume is equal to  16.3 % of the city’s total export.
  • Among the textile-related sectors, ready-made clothing has a leading role with a share of 80 %.
  • İzmir, The Bridal Capital: With an outstanding place, 70 % of the total wedding dress production in our country is made in İzmir, so İzmir is called as “the bridal capital” of Turkey.
  • Studies related to technical textiles: “Technical Textiles Research and Development Center” carries out activities to produce knowledge and know-how for the development of the technical textile sector, new products and implementation of innovative projects required by the industry.  
  • Experience of Sectoral Clustering: İzmir reveals its capability of sectoral clustering with a great synergy between institutions, companies, universities and R&D centers. Some of the clusters relevant to textile and ready-made clothing are “Fashion, Textile, and Ready-Made Clothing Site”, “Buca Aegean Clothing Organized Industrial Zone” and “Mimar Kemalettin Fashion Center”.



  • Export of Turkey: 888 million USD.
  • Export of İzmir: 58 million USD. 
  • Germany, Spain, and Italy are our top three importers.


Home Textile

  • Export of Turkey: Almost 4 billion USD
  • Export of İzmir: 177 million USD. 


Leather and Leather Products

  • Export of Turkey: 1,7 billion USD, which accounts for 1 % share of total national export
  • Russia, Italy and Germany are our top three importers.
  • Export of İzmir: 124 million USD



  • Export of Turkey in 2019: 7,8 billion USD
  • Export of İzmir in 2019: 573 million USD, which accounts for 7,3 % of the export of Turkey in the sector.
  • Sector makes production for almost all sectors from construction machines to agricultural machines and food machines to labeling and packaging machines.


Iron and Steel

  • Export of Turkey in 2019: 21.9 billion USD
  • Export of İzmir in 2019: 915.1 million USD
  • 2 companies operating in İzmir are among Turkey’s 500 big industrial enterprises. 



  • Tobacco: 1st rank in the export, 64 % of our country’s export (650.599.150 $)
  • Olive and Olive Oil: 1st rank in the export, 41 % of our country’s export (162.662.750 $)
  • Dried Fruits: 1st rank in the export, 31 % of our country’s export (439.417.990 $)
  • Aquaculture: 2nd rank in the export, 14 % of our country’s export (362.899.360 $)
  • İzmir, Capital of Milk: 1st rank in the production (2.435 million tons of milk production in 2018 corresponds to 10,7 % of our country’s milk production) 
  • Ornamental Plants:
  • Indoor Ornamental Plants: 2nd ranks in the productions, 21,20 % of our country’s production (355.500 m2 ) 
  • Outdoor Ornamental Plants: 1st rank in the production, 30,20 % of our country’s production (11.087.000m2 ) 
  • Cut Flowers: 1st rank in the production, 41,80 % of our country’s production (4.127.420 m2) 


  • All kinds of tourism such as culture, nature, sea, health, faith, congress and gastronomy tourism
  • 274 facilities in İzmir and its districts; 
  • 51 blue flag beaches
  • A popular windsurf destination: Alaçatı
  • 2 sites on UNESCO World Heritage List: Pergamon and Ephesus
  • Unique activities as wine routes, olive oil museum
  • International festivals




Aerospace – Aviation -Defense Industry

  • İzmir hosts the first aerospace cluster in Turkey.
  • Existence of about 250 aerospace and defense companies in İzmir.
  • 4 vocational aviation schools in İzmir.
  • The World’s Most Competitive Cities Report, which was prepared by the US-origin Conway Inc., the producer of Site  Selection Magazine founded in 1954 and accepted as one of the most essential publications of the world in the field of investment, indicates that İzmir was in the 2nd rank among the most competitive top five cities in aerospace and aviation in 2017. 


Informatics and Software

  • Source of skilled people for the production of science and technology
  • Infrastructure opportunities for telecommunication, internet & broadband, hardware, and software industry
  • The gaming industry is highly promising.
  • Turkey's leading science and technology park: Izmir Science park 
  • İzmir hosts 7 % of IT companies in Turkey.

Health tourism

  • Numbers of Accredited Institutions for Health Tourism: 71
  • 7 thermal facilities with 4.213-bed capacity as well as 5 certified thermal facilities with 1.394-bed capacity 


Numbers of health tourists in İzmir are rising up per year: 

  • 2016 - 1.411 
  • 2017 - 2.550
  • 2018 -3.805
  • 2019 - 4.516

Top 5 countries where health tourists come:

  • Libya 
  • The UK 
  • Germany
  • The Netherlands 
  • Georgia 

The most preferred operation types: 

  • General Surgery
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Eye diseases
  • Internal Diseases
  • Orthopedics and Traumatology
  • Ear, Nose, and Throat Diseases 
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology (In vitro fertilization)


Renewable energy

  1. İzmir, one of the cities with the highest potential in wind energy.
  2. 19 % of installed wind plants in Turkey are in İzmir.
  3. Solar energy potential is above Turkey’s average.
  4. Highest potential in Turkey in terms of geothermal resources.
  5. The Goal for 2023 in 2023: An additional installed power of 2.540 MW in renewable energy, corresponding to a market of 3.2 billion euros.


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