Aura Bilisim Tic.Ltd.Sti.

Sair Esref Bulv.Altay Is Mrk.No:18/606 Konak İzmir, Türkiye

Industry :

Software development (.Net, Java, open source, Asp .net Mvc, .net core ,Responsive,React Native,etc) Mobile Android (java,kotlin) Mobile Ios (Swift) Mobile Hybrid(React Native,Flutter) Global

Areas of Expertise :

Software development (.Net, Java, open source, Asp .net Mvc, .net core, Responsive,React Native,etc) Mobile Android (java,kotlin) Mobile Ios (Swift) Mobile Hybrid(React Native,Flutter)

Person in Charge :

Onur Gürsoy


Aura Software was established in İzmir in 2004 to produce AD/DC and mobile practice solutions. It has an experienced industrial software power producing mobile applications and RF-ID solutions in Turkey and at abroad. Its main activity areas include manufacturing planning and industrial management systems, logistic management processes, product and stock management, mobile practices, B2B applications, RF-ID logistic solutions, project management, software consultancy and support services.



  • Industrial Handheld computer(s)  (Pocket Pc 2003 SE, windows ce .net 4.2 android,ios)
  • Web applications,php,bootstrap,css,html5, javascripts,jquery,ajax, newtonsoft json,ardunio,opencv
  • Multi Platform(For hand-held computers,mobile phones )
  • Sql Server,Oracle,Mongo Db usage
  • Web Server Management(IIS Server)
  • Industrial Barcode Printer(s) (usage of on programming)


  • PI&T Product Integrated & Traceability System
  • Soil Analysis & Recommendation System (Agriculture)




  • Product & Integrated Traceability
  • Shop Floor Application
  • Primary Planning & Traceability
  • Blend & Brand Security
  • Secondary Product Security
  • One Day Store Area Management
  • Full Quality System
  • Fmd Management
  • Supply Chain Applications
  • Global Quality Integrated Solution
  • Machine Learning Process Improvement
  • Worker Human Resource System
  • Data Collection on shop-floor (online & end of shift)


  • Contracted agriculture
  • Finance Management (Advance , material , pesticide)
  • Finance Integration
  • Stock Management
  • Agronomy
  • Survey
  • Purchasing
  • Blending
  • Production
  • Finished Goods Management
  • Exporting




  • We have 24/7 project support
  • Software development in university collaboration
  • Joint project development capability

Our focus almost the cigarette & tobacco sector. We are producing the en to ent solution in the EEMA region.

Almost, our solutions run from the field to marketing.


We realized our first international project for British American Tobacco Kenya Factory


It was end to end solution for the factory area. More than 300 users have used the system via supported mobile technology.

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