DELTA Smart Technologies

Izmir Technology Development Zone, A8 Block D:23 Urla 35430 Izmir Turkey

Industry :

Mobile application development, Native with JAVA & Swift, Cross-Platform Native with Xamarin & C# Web application development, REACT, Angular, Backend development, Programming Languages: C#, JAVA, Python IDE’s: Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Project Management & Collaboration: Microsoft Azure DevOps, Git, Scrum Programming: Object Oriented Programming, Test-Driven Development Cloud: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, SaaS, multi-tenant architecture, microservices, Token based authentication, One Signal, HTTP & JSON

Areas of Expertise :

Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, Backend Development, Agile Project Management, Software Testing

Person in Charge :

Tolgahan OYSAL


Using and developing technology, we develop innovative IT solutions that boost our clients' business potential and enhance the quality of life of the community. We specialize in mobile and web-based application development. We are ready to develop customized solutions that will make your business easier and increase your productivity.


Develop innovative IT solutions that boost our clients' business potential and enhance the quality of life of the community using and developing technology.


Become a global company whose employees are happy and proud of being a part of and that expert persons and institutions in its sector would like to collaborate with.


Our customers can reach us on 7/24 via our support lines.


ISO 9001


- AirBus Defence & Security


Tactilon Dabat of Airbus is the world’s first smartphone and full TETRA radio in one device. Android features and special design for radio use make Tactilon Dabat a smart, strong and secure device for public safety. It helps organizations to save time, money and resources - and lives. Our product Pincident® is one of the 21 applications under the public safety category of the Airbus app catalog.

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Our products, Pincident™, ParkSmart, and KidsBus bring a solution to common real-life challenges of citizens and are applicable to cities all around the world. Our products democratize access to the services and enhance the quality of life of the community.

Pincident™, allows citizens to report incidents, and organizations to manage them effectively. Citizens and organizations cooperate for safer and smarter cities. 

ParkSmart allows citizens to find the most suitable car park quickly and make online reservations and reduces traffic congestion, air pollution, and saves time.


KidsBus allows school bus companies, parents and schools to manage daily changes effectively, i.e. change bus stop, not using buses temporarily, etc. and increases the efficiency of the transport operation and security of the kids.


We develop custom software for enterprises and supply outsourcing services for IT companies. Our core expertise is on mobile, web, backend and frontend development. We develop native mobile apps for IOS with Xcode and Swift, for Android with Android Studio and JAVA, but also cross-platform native apps with Xamarin and C#. We use Angular and React for frontend development. For backend development, we use JAVA, C# and Python programming languages with MS Visual Studio and Eclipse IDEs. We apply agile development processes under the Scrum framework with MS Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) and Git. We develop apps running on the cloud as a service (SaaS), built upon microservices and multi-tenant architecture when needed. We apply a test-driven development process.

Smart cities, industrial companies.

Winner, Airbus Critical App Challenge, October 2018

The unique and first “Critical App Challenge for the Middle East and North Africa” was organized by Airbus. An independent jury picked four outstanding applications for the Tactilon Dabat which were developed for public safety and industries in the Middle East. Among the 40 companies which participated in the online contest, the companies BRAQ Aerospace (Saudi Arabia), Delta Smart Technologies (Turkey), epic. blue (Belgium) and Steerpath (Finland) presented the most convincing app solutions. The challenge was to find the best digital communication solutions for various industry staff, policemen, firefighters or paramedics who need specialized communication solutions for their regions in North Africa and the Middle East. The applications can be used on the Airbus device Tactilon Dabat, the world´s first smartphone and Tetra radio in one. The independent jury consisted of seven representatives from the telecommunication companies Nedaa and Moteco, the Dubai Police, Dubai Civil Defence, and Airbus. Airbus supported and initiated the entire event.

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Finalist, GovTech Pioneers, April 2019 

GovTech Pioneers, The Next Era: Future Governments, is the third edition of Europe's leading GovTech-event for forward-thinking politicians, public CIOs and innovation managers, startups, corporations and VCs. Delta is one of the four finalists under the Citizen Collaboration category with its product, Pincident.

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Collaboration with the Austrian Federal Computing Centre (BRZ - Bundesrechenzentrum), April 2019

Finding new and innovative applications to simplify electronic administration is a core concern of the BRZ. In order to gather new impulses here, the BRZ once again became the main partner of the GovTech.Pioneers event. In workshops and panels, GovTech.Pioneers offer a platform for the exchange between innovative start-ups and the authorities. Ten selected start-ups presented their ideas in a BRZ workshop as part of GovTech-Pioneers19 to provide new impulses in the governmental technologies sector. A total budget of 20,000 euros was allocated for two projects, which is now used for the development of prototypes of the applications. Together with 1702ai from Switzerland and Deltasmart Tech from Turkey, a prototype will also be developed that combines the strengths of the two innovative start-ups in the public security sector. 1702ai has already developed an application especially for smart cities that can detect and report threats in public spaces using CCTV networks. In contrast, Deltasmart Tech uses its “Pincident” app to use AI-supported crowdsourcing for real-time reporting of incidents and threats. The jury for the selection of start-ups was top-class. In addition to the BRZ experts Matthias Lichtenthaler and Clemens Schwaiger, Clemens Möslinger, head of the department for matters for strategic communication, network and information system security at the Federal Chancellery, and Peter Reichstädter, head of the IT department and CIO of the Austrian Parliament were involved in the decision-making process. For more information please visit:

- Finalist, T-DEB Project, Innovate UK, September 2019

The T-DEB programme is funded by Innovate UK‘s Newton Fund. This public fund’s aim is to develop science and innovation partnerships that promote the economic development and welfare of collaborating countries such as Turkey. T-DEB’s partners in Turkey include Bilkent Cyberpark, ODTÜ Teknokent, Teknopark Izmir and TTGV, as well as Cambridge Cleantech, SEHTA, and BIA in the United Kingdom. DELTA Smart Technologies is one of the 15 companies selected among applications of  500 technology companies from technoparks in Turkey under the Smart City Technologies category.


Finalist, Startup İstanbul, October 2019


Startup Istanbul is the leading startup event that brings together founders, investors and executives in the region. It’s a gathering of the leading startups, internet companies, business angels and venture capitalists connecting East and West. Among 160.000 applications from 166 countries, Delta’s product Pincident was selected in the top 100 first and then in the top 10.

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- Finalist, Airportstartupday, Groupe ADP & TAV Airports, October 2019

Airportstartupday was the biggest technology and innovation event of the year for startups that provide innovative products and solutions with the aim of driving the transportation and aviation sectors.

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