Projesis Yazılım Dan. Bilişim San. ve Tic. LTD. ŞTİ.

Megapol Tower Anadolu Cd. N:41 K:8 35530 Bayraklı/İzmir/Turkiye

Industry :

Manufacturing related software development (.Net, C#, Delphi), MES – Manufacturing Execution Software, MOM – Manufacturing Operations Management, FCP – Finite Capacity Planning, ATS – Advanced Traceability, EE – Energy Productivity, MRP (Special Projects).

Areas of Expertise :

Productivity tracking projects (MES/MOM) Software development (Delphi, C#/.NET, JavaScript) Product Tracing with genealogy Finite Capacity Planning AI & Big Data

Person in Charge :

Hasan Kemahlı


Projesis has been producing and implementing productivity software in various manufacturing compounds since 2009. All business with a manufacturing facility is a potential customer for Projesis. The company has completed over 70 projects in various sectors.


Projesis aims to increase productivity in Turkish industry while producing the best available manufacturing software to sell its products globally, as well.


Projesis looks to continuously improve its software to be a primary player in MES/MOM area, first nationwide, then worldwide.


Projesis can provide 7/24 assistance when necessary due to the non-stop nature of manufacturing facilities.


Logo Solution Partner

2Pro – Gnc - Jointech




ProjesisMOM components: MT (Manufacturing Tracking), MA (Manufacturing Automation), JL (Job Loading), XI/EI(Excel/ERP Integration), AT (Advanced Traceability), FC (Finite Capacity Planning), AI (Artificial Intelligence), MN (Mobile App), EE (Energy Efficiency), etc.


Projesis implements its own software and alters the software according to the customer’s needs if necessary. Also, Projesis works with vendors/partners and directs its customers to its partners when necessary.


Projesis software implementation & technical service, and Projesis-related IT services.

Any type of manufacturing facility is an industry to serve for Projesis, but discrete manufacturing facilities are priority targets.

Projesis has completed various projects with its customers. Volt Elektrik MES project is one of the larger projects in its portfolio. ISM MES & Artificial Intelligence backed Testing Room project has been awarded the 3rd place in Big Data & Analytics by IDC Turkiye.

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