SAP ERP Projects & Implementations

We have room for everything but a mistake

This could be a good slogan for your SAP implementation or upgrade projects. Mistakes are very costly when they cause to fail projects. Lack of expertise and knowledge in SAP projects may cause a poor implementation, as a result, the enterprise faces the risk of brand damage, loss of revenue, negative customer experience, and excessive IT and business operational expenses. With a focus on excellence, SAP implementation has thus evolved into a strict, professional discipline.

IICTA offers its customers services for SAP ERP implementation, support, and training as well as SAP HANA transitions that meet today’s best-practice standards at very competitive prices.

IICTA, with its partners and their experienced senior SAP experts can support you through all facets and phases of SAP implementation including:

o   Analysis of your existing business processes

o   Specific SAP implementation and configuration based on best practices

o   Remote application management

o   Remote helpdesk support

o   SAP training

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