H.H.G. A.Ş.


Founded through the actual Chairman of the Board Hasan H. Gürsoy (aka HHGAG) as a private company in 2003 in Dormagen/Germany. H.H.G. grew up to one of the hidden champions in software development. Since foundation is H.H.G. mainly involved in developing ecommerce solutions, such like the world wide known xt:Commerce Open Source GPL project. 

xt:Commerce reached 2006 as one of the leading shopping cart solutions to 4.5 millions users in Germany. From this point on led H.H.G. the further development of the open source project under the brand name H.H.G. multistore. H.H.G. multistore is used in commercial areas like B2C, B2B, B2B2C. Dropshipping, direct delivery from manufacturer to customer are also support, as well as tradional ecommerce trading. H.H.G. grew in that time up to a software company with 4 locations in Germany.

H.H.G. multistore is also used as educational teaching material at technical universities, but also as part of thesis works in different countries.

Since 2012 expanded H.H.G. business to Turkey (aka Türkiye), a growing market in the last years. With this step H.H.G.'s structure has been changed to an world wide acting company with remote workplaces world wide. Classic corporate structures are no longer up to date, said the chairman.

Customers in sectors like IT, publishing, finance, education, precious metals, food, delivery service, automotive, sports, entertainmenttrust H.H.G.'s competence, discretement and secrecy. With H.H.G. multistore aren't any borders givven to map business projects in the ecommerce world. Multi level shopping portals or single stores are mappable. 


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