Who We Are

The primary focus of İzmir Information and Communication Technology Alliance, IICTA, is to create an environment for leaders and C-level decision-makers where they can access high-quality, affordable IT solutions and services in a wide spectrum of business domains.

Our objective at IICTA is to create and sustain a community of technology partners where they build close relationships that improve the way they, and their clients, do business, and collaborate on client projects for a high-quality product and/or service output. The partner network of IICTA consists of some of the most highly regarded technology vendors, professionals, and consultants in Turkey.

IICTA has demonstrated a level of a long-term commitment to the success of its business partners and clients.

Supported by the Ministry of Commerce of Turkey and led by the Izmir Chamber of Commerce, Izmir ICT Alliance was established in 2019 by initially 30 tech companies that have a proven track of success in their expertise areas and focuses on efforts to increase the presence of its partners in international markets.

IICTA, as a well-competent and competitive tech cluster, helps its partners to find new global partnerships and customers around the world.

We serve to a variety of industries in many business areas listed below but not limited to;

•Manufacturing (machinery, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, automotive, chemicals, food & beverages, tobacco, textile, other industries)

•Warehouses, Sales and Distribution

•Logistics/Transportation and Shipping

•IoT and Telecommunications

•Industrial Automation and Robotics

•Healthcare & Medical




•Digital Brand Management and Media

Our Goals

For partners;

• Promote the competences of İzmir’s ICT sector and increase its international visibility.

• Identify and develop sustainable cross-industry business opportunities for partner ICT companies.

• Support its partners to collaborate with strong motivation and high potential.

• Determining the needs of the IT sector for export and ensuring that these needs are met.

• Draw and execute the export road map for the ICT services industry in İzmir.

Increase competitiveness and accelerate the growth of its partners in the IT industry.

For customers;

• Enable accessing ICT products, solutions, and services with a competitive cost.

• Ensure to find the best alternatives for ICT solutions and services.

• Find trusted technology partners and vendors in the ICT industry.

• Act as a gateway between customers who search for ICT vendors, and tech companies who can best provide solutions.

• Single point of contact for a group of ICT vendors and be a catalyst.


Our mission is to boost innovation capacity by providing creative, high-value-added and reliable products and solutions to enterprises.

What we do

We create a powerful network of trusted ICT companies as partners, establish a business platform to collaborate, and facilitate to expend existing business of our partners to international markets.

At IICTA, we simply brought carefully selected ICT vendors together, to provide a wide variety and competitive information technology solutions and services for enterprises.

How to meet with us

We believe in face-to-face meetings with our future customers, to create long-term trusted business relations. Hence, as IICTA, we participate in major international exhibitions and B2B meetings, to present our ICT industry solutions with the involvement of our business partners.

IICTA also organizes B2B networking events and Business meetings a few times in a year, mainly in İzmir, Turkey, where headquarters of our ICT network partners are located.

For sure, you can contact us at any time. IICTA representatives and our partners will be available for you to discuss the business values ​​that we can provide you.

At IICTA, a world of opportunities, that you can benefit is what we offer at a first glance.

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