Ege Otomasyon San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

6421 sk. No.32 / 1, Karsiyaka, IZMIR, TURKEY

Industry :

Industrial Automation Systems for Machine Producers and End Users.

Areas of Expertise :

PLC software,MMI softwares,SCADA softwares,Motion Control System with Servo motors and drives,electrical-electronics cabinets production.

Person in Charge :

Oğuz Orhan


Ege Otomasyon Ltd. Sti. was founded in Izmir in 2001. Its aims are to provide process management software and programmable logic controller for industrial automation systems.
We use a combined electrical-electronics software and electromechanic devices to produce control system solution for machine producers and manufacturing lines.


Providing industrial automation system for the machine producer and manufacturing lines.


Producing optimised system solutions in order to achieve higher efficiency and productivity, to improve our knowledge and abilities. And to continue investing in RnD with the intention of following closely the new technology, and the products.


The advantage of Automated Machine and/or Automated Production Lines are effective, efficient, standardized and high quality goods production. It reduces the cost of employee and eliminates the human error factors. Totally reduce the cost of products. In addition to this quantification and consideration.


Phone, SMS and other Messaging channels.


Are you the machine producer?
Are you the end user?

We provide customised solution for your machines and production lines.
We always prefer pro brands in our projects (Omron, Siemens, Schneider etc)


Softwares for PLC, MMI, SCADA
Configuration and dimensionning PLC, MMI, Servo Motor and Drivers,

Production and assembling Electrical Control Cabinet and Panels


We provide support and service for our projects with qualified staff.

We are experienced about Industrial Automation System, especially Motion Control Systems.

First in Turkey, Wheel Harmonic Measurement Machine Automation System has been designed and produced by Ege Otomasyon in 2004 for CMS Aluminium Alloy Wheel Manufacturing company. Then servo motor motion has controlled Wheel Harmonic Measurement System then has designed and produced for various wheels manufacturing companies in Turkey.

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