Netport Global A.Ş.

Gülbahçe Mah. Gülbahçe Cad. Teknopark Izmir A1 Binası Apt. No:1/17/48 Urla, İzmir Turkiye

Industry :

Digital Marketing and Brand Management,Software Development (PHP)

Areas of Expertise :

Content Management Systems, UX/UI Design & Development, Enterprise Level Web Sites & Portals, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Digital Marketing and Brand management,

Person in Charge :

Miss Yüksel Satılmış


Netport is a software and consulting with comprehensive expertise in Content Management Systems, UX/UI Design & Development, Enterprise Level Web Sites & Portals, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Marketing.

With expertise in internet technology Netport is a powerful partner of companies. Netport has become a preferred company in the sector with its competent team constantly following new technologies.

We combine our 17-year experience with our young, dynamic and expert team and we offer you all the services you need on digital platforms using our professional infrastructure.

We have been positioning your brand since 2002 and completing the digital identity creation process, which is one of the benefits of the 21st century, by proceeding with you. We perform SEO compatible content production, website software and design, social media management, social media and Google ads in the most accurate way for our solution partners with our 17 years of experience.


With SEO-compatible website design and content production, we ensure that your brand appears in the top ranks in searches, by advancing with the right strategy, we maximize both your brand awareness and streaming traffic. We become the ambassador of your brand in digital channels, and we provide management, strategy and consultancy services through your social media accounts.


NETPORTCMS – Content Management System



1- We make UX / UI Designs of websites.

2- We do Search Engine optimization SEO of websites.

3- We market and PR your brand on digital platforms.



Outsource design & development, business analysis, digital marketing.


Netport focuses all industries:

Web Technologies, Digital media marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization,  digital agency services, mobile marketing, E-commerce marketing, digital marketing measurement and reporting.


We received third prize of Turkey GSGM WEBCUP Sports Federations in the competition with Tennis Federation website.

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