What We Offer

We provide custom software development, off-the-shelf software products, IT consulting, brand management, digital marketing, IT outsourcing and other value added business services to our clients.

How We Work

We are a group of leading information & communication companies based in İzmir, Turkey and we aim to expand to international markets together.

Transform Your Business

We provide ICT solutions, end-to-end services to your business with the power of our business partners, helping you to transform your business making it ready for next decade.




ADAPA Information Systems, Tourism Industry, and Trade Inc. was established in 1997 to provide consultancy, design, sales, organization, network, outsourcing, technical support and maintenance services in the IT sector.


We provide a wide range of services ranging from sectoral solutions to business solutions, from system integration to outsourcing, from service and maintenance services to network solutions and consultancy, which provide a competitive advantage to our customers in different sectors.


We are aiming to provide solutions in light of Industry 4.0.We are trying to offer fundamental software solutions such as Supply Chain Management, Total Productive Maintenance, Maintenance&Repair System to completely digitalize our customer’s operations.We started to do development in Machine Learning and AI systems with the integration of new sensor technologies in order to automatize the digitalization processes.


Our customers operating in different time zones are able to reach the support team on duty outside your normal business hours to communicate their problems and get support for solutions.




OKİ, Apple, Microsoft Gold Partner, IBM, Lenovo


Latest News


webinar 11 June 2020

İzmir Chamber of Commerce iICT Alliance Has Started Webinar Series

  • iICT Alliance is hosting a series of webinars focused on identifiying and developing sustainable ....

  • Webinar
  • 17:00 - 18:00

İzmir Chamber of Commerce iICT Alliance Has Started Webinar Series

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